True Moon

Genre: Post Punk / Indie
Formed: 2015


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Sunshine bores the daylights out of True Moon. For it is what we do in the shadows that defines us. The Malmo quartet’s self-titled debut album, set for a March release on Lövely Records, is a map of the darkness within us all, an unforgiving, unflinching examination of lust and desire, rejection and betrayal, solitude and alienation, death and re-birth… all the important stuff.

A new outlet of expression for Karolina Engdahl (vocals/bass) and Tommy Tift (guitar), colleagues in Swedish melodic punk/dark pop collective Vånna Inget, True Moon was born from the duo’s mounting frustration with an increasingly sanitised and homogenous Scandinavian musical community, and offers a raw, pure, and visceral reconnection with rock’s most primal, feral, black-hearted urges.