Genre: Rock
Formed: 2012


Tour dates

The groundbreaking rock band SIAMESE first stepped up to make a mark with their alternative, huge sound during 2012 with the release of their second album “Breathe:See:Move”, gathering positive reviews from around the world, including being lauded by Denmark’s biggest music magazine, GAFFA, as the country’s best rock album of the year. Three years later, after playing 150 concerts in ten different countries, hitting the Danish album charts at #6, and releasing the second album in both Japan and Europe, the band are in the process of creating what promises to be their best album to date.

The award-winning and chart-topping Danish outfit SIAMESE aren’t afraid to deal with the darker sides of life. With three successful albums in the bag, the band’s latest album will indulge in a new conceptual journey. In a world that is getting more and more transparent by the day, bigotry, racism and the ugly side of humanity in general rises to the fore. SIAMESE’s next album release, titled ‘SAGILIA’, strives to remind the listener of just how important the virtues of respect, dignity and perseverance are in current times.