06 Jan 2016

Arabrot European Tour March/April 2016


The seventh album by Norwegian rock pioneers Årabrot, scheduled for a February 26th 2016 release, could just as well never have happened.

Just before going on a three week UK tour, Årabrot main man Kjetil Nernes discovered an unsettling itch in his throat. After a quick visit to the doctor, Nernes completed the tour with an alarming secret: Malignant cancer.

The album you will soon have in front of you is a collection of the music and lyrics written while undergoing surgery, treatment and recovery. In Nernes’ own words:

“The theme of the Gospel is a vision of the lonely warrior on a summit looking out over a battle field, the smoke from the bomb craters, an all-encompassing silence. The war was against one self; against the ugliness, against the sickness. You sink to the bottom of the sea. All of a sudden you are back on the surface again, stupefied. And hungry! A wicked hunger for everything human life has to offer: Sex! War! Drugs! You breathe, but not like before. “The man who has been in hell, never forget”

Arabrot hit the road hard throughout 2016 starting with Europe in March & April!

4th Nalen, Stockholm, SE
5th Smedjan, Gothenburg, SE
8th Urban spree, Berlin, DE
9th Arena, Wien, AT
10th FreakOut, Bologna, IT
11th Traffic, Roma, IT
12th Lo-Fi, Milano, IT
13th L´ Usine, Geneve, CH
15th Magasin 4, Bruxelles, BE
16th dB´s, Utrecht, NL
17th Corsica Studios, London, UK
18th Lost @ B-Arts, Stoke-On-Trent, UK
19th Nice n Sleazy, Glasgow, UK
20th Chunk, Leeds, UK
22nd Instant Chavires, Paris, FR
23rd Accueil Froid Nuke, Amiens, FR
24th The Pit´s, Kortrijk, BE
26th Iparragirre, Gernika, ES
27th Ahotsgora, Gasteiz, ES
28th Antiguos Almacenes de la Mina, Udias, ES
29th Liceo Mutante, Pontevedra, ES
30th Lata de Zinc, Oviedo, ES
31st Orbeko Etxea – Llodio, Pais Vasco, ES
1st Ocho y Medio, Alicante, ES
2nd La Residencia, Valencia, ES
3rd Velvet, Malaga, ES
5th Inciviczone, Barcelona, ES
6th Grnnd Zero, Lyon, FR
7th Gaswerk, Winterthur, CH
8th Hühnermanhattan Klub, Halle, DE

Pre-Order now via Fysisk Format here.
Including the LTD LP box version and the new 7″ on Sheep Chase Records.
Tickets where applicable www.arabrot.com